The Rhino 900 HSMPB – High Speed Multi-Purpose Boat – is going to Nigeria.

The transfer of the Rhino 900 to the Maridive 603, her mother vessel, has been organised by Africa Diving Services, her new owner. The craft will be used as a multi-purpose craft:

  • Fwd removable jockey seats for personnel transfer;
  • Stern davit and dive ladder + fwd dive rack that takes the space of the jockey seats for diving operations;
  • Speed, stability  and great manoeuvrability for security operations.

See some pictures of the craft being loaded on the Maridive 603, her mother vessel.

Interested in a similar craft?


lifting of the Rhino 900

The Rhino 900 starting his ascent…

Rhino 900 in the air

Ready to reach the deck

Rhino 900 above deck

Lifted above deck

Rhino 900 - descent to the deck

The Rhino descending

Rhino 900 almost on deck

Rhino 900 being positioned before final landing