Sea Trial of our new Rhino 600


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Rhino 600 HD
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We have recently tested our prototype of the newly designed Rhino 600.


Aren’t you impressed?

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Stock Boats: Rhino 670 and Rhino 750 – EXPIRED


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As year end approaches, we would like to clear our stock boats to start afresh after the break:

– One Rhino 670 with hydraulic steering, Yamaha controls and twin demo outboard Yamaha 130 Hp – 2 stroke having less than 26 hours of operation.

She can be yours with one year of spare parts for the two outboards for  € 40,800 only.

Without the hydraulic steering, controls and outboards, it comes to € 29,000.

Rhino 670 wide beam, with a lot of deck space

Rhino 670 wide beam, with a lot of deck space


Besides the above, we are also busy manufacturing a Rhino 750 EHD propelled by a Yanmar 260 HP coupled to the Yanmar ZT370 sterndrive. The craft will be completed and ready for shipping by end of November.

This craft offers a 3 ton payload with almost 4 m of available deck space ahead of the console.

Click on the image to see the specs sheet:


Rhino 750 EHD Stern Drive specs sheet
Selling price: from € 96,000

Interested? Make it yours NOW!

Lastly, we only have one production slot left for a Rhino 950, our bestselling SRP platform.

Rhino 950 - HDPE boat

Rhino 950 at speed during the see trials.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, Enquire NOW!


Already sold:

– One Rhino 590 HD sold for € 17,200. SOLD


– One Rhino 590 EHD sold for € 22,500. SOLD


The new Mk2 range of the Rhino 590 on sea trials.


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Rhino 590 HD and EHD side by side
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We are currently testing our first units of the new Mk2 range of the Rhino 590 which is the “original Rhino Craft” that is designed for transport inside a 6 m standard container.

With their new hull, we have added speed and manoeuvrability to a craft that already offered robustness.

We are pleased with their performance given that with a 55 HP outboard we can achieve 16 knots with three people aboard – plus they handle extremely well.

The other benefit that the Mk2 hulls have relative to the older Mk1 boats is the polystyrene foam filling of the sponsons and the filling of the hull cavity with closed cell foam – rendering the boat virtually unsinkable despite damage in the event of extreme abuse.

We believe that the cheaper 590 HD version (which has a list price of € 17,200 as opposed to € 22,500 for the 590 EHD) has a good place in the market despite not being a comparable personnel carrier for offshore bow catchers.