Rhino Boat Range

Rhino Craft are primarily fabricated from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and have been designed, developed and tested to create a robust & virtually indestructible workboat for use with outboard motors as well as inboard diesels with Z drives or jet drives. The hulls have been well tested and proven in harsh offshore conditions impacting with solid and floating steel structures. The hulls and superstructure are made from extrusion welded HDPE pipe and sheet, and the craft incorporate pontoon seating & up-stand gunnels, lifting pad-eyes, deck lashing pad eyes, consoles and lockers. They are generally fitted with a bow step up and hand rail compatible with conventional offshore structure bow-catcher boat landings as well as aluminium chain lockers, rubber D-fenders, pontoon roping and scupper flaps for the self-draining decks.

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New Rhino 750 HD boat

The new Rhino 750 is an excellent and cost effective workboat. She is light, fast and dry and offers a significantly increased deck-space and payload. It has 400 mm HDPE...
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Rhino 1050 - bow view

Rhino 1050

The Rhino 1050 is a Wide beam craft, designed as an extension of the 950 hull concept which has been initially developed for use as a Scuba Replacement (SRP) Diving...
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Rhino 600 EHD

Rhino 600 EHD

New model 2015: Rhino 600 HD ! The Rhino 600 EHD - Extra Heavy Duty - has replaced the Rhino 590 EHD Mk2. The Rhino 600 EHD is designed for...
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Rhino 600 HD -Sea trial of the prototype

Rhino 600 HD – Heavy Duty

New design 2016: Rhino 600 HD - Mk4! Light, fast and dry, with a significantly increased deck-space and payload, this is an excellent workboat that retains the robustness for which...
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Rhino 750 EHD with 260 Litres built-in fuel tank

RHINO 750 EHD – outboard

The Rhino 750 EHD is specially intended for the offshore oil and gas market or any other place where the conditions are rough. Offering the same deck space and impressive...
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Rhino 750 SD during sea trials

Rhino 750 ID

New Rhino 750 ID The new Rhino 750 ID is replacing the Rhino 690. It is a powerful high speed craft designed for heavy offshore use. It can also be...
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Rhino 850 EHD broad beam

Rhino 850 EHD-BIT, a new great SRP platform

New Rhino 850 broad beam Our newly designed Rhino 850 EHD-BIT has been conceived for the diving teams which do not want to worry about specialised skipper ticket - for boats...
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Rhino 900

The Rhino 900 has been built as a 9 m MPB/RPB (Military Patrol Boat/Riverine Patrol Boat) which is powered by twin Yanmar 315 hp diesels and 251 series Ultra-jets and...
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950 WATER TAXI VIEW 3.small

Rhino 950 water taxi for river or coastal use

A convenient and robust water taxi by Rhino Marine Rhino Marine have developed a Rhino 950 water taxi for river and coastal use that can be readily transported inside a...
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Rhino 950 SRP - Stapem Garoupa

Rhino 950 with inboard diesel motor

Rhino 950 - An Excellent SRP Platform. The Rhino 950 is a large High Density Polyethylene - HDPE - workboat that is ideally suited for use as a Dive SRP...
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