Barges and Ferries

Rhino Marine offer you tailor-made barges and small ferries suited to your need.
The models presented are just a small representation of what we can offer you.
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Catamaran barge / ferry

This is a 12 x 6 catamaran barge. It is all modular kit form that can be transported in a couple of 12 metre open top containers. Each of the...
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Modular barge - catamaran version

Modular barge: static or self-propelled

A modular barge that fits in container The modular barge is using 10 metre float lengths and is fitted with a boilproof modular decking system (21 mm boards reinforced with...
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Tristan barge - 3

Tristan barge

The Rhino Marine composite HDPE pontoon, steel space frame with timber decking superstructure is designed for transporting up to 11 T of centrally payload. The barge is self propelled with...
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